Toxic Vapor Tubes


"Used for Trapping Inhalants Found on the Breath"

Inhalants are a fast growing problem in both community and the workplace.  The Toxic Vapor Tube (TVT) offers superior performance for trapping and preserving the hazardous compounds (inhalants) found on the breath of individuals either using inhalants or those who have been exposed while working in potentially chemically contaminated areas.  Inhalants are often difficult to test through blood because of their quick retention time; therefore the TVT is a great solution.

Unlike the Toxtrap Tube, the subject blows into one end of the tube.  Inhalants do not remain in the body for a long period of time, so it is recommended that the individual be tested within two hours of their suspected exposure to the substance.  The tube can be analyzed by a laboratory up to two years later.  Each tube is individually packaged in a saranex bag, which has been marked with an expiration date.

  Frequently Asked Questions

About TVT's

TVT's are capable of trapping chemical compounds, including but not limited to the following substances:

 BenzeneMethyl Alcohol 
 Butyl AlcoholPropyl Alcohol 


 Isopropyl AlcoholTricholorethane

These chemicals can be found in such common household products such as:

Adhesives  Liquid Correction Fluid
Butane Lighter  Nail Polish Remover
Gasoline Paint
Glue Spray Propane Gas
Hair Spray Vegetable Cooking Spray