About Us

Since 1981, Toxtrap has been a supplier of products used with drug and alcohol testing programs.  We have supplied quality products designed for a variety of agencies - including law enforcement, hospitals, military, job corps, schools, and private laboratories.  Our dedication to producing quality products and ensuring accuracy includes a committed quality control program.

Toxtrap products endorse our guiding principle, which is to "preserve physical evidence whenever scientifically possible". Some of these products include the Toxtrap Tube (Breath Alcohol Sample Capture Tube) and the Toxic Vapor Tube (used for preserving inhalants found on the breath). We also offer Disposable Mouthpieces (spit traps) for use with the Intoxilyzer.  Learn more by clicking a link on the left.

Our Office Services Division includes business services such as general bookkeeping (for local businesses) and criminal background screenings.